Founded by M2H December 2008, Wooglie was born out of the frustration of not being able to publish Unity games to web game portals. Wooglie was therefore the first game portal ever to accept Unity games. Wooglie still is the leading game portal in regards of Unity games.

Wooglie is not only unique for targetting only Unity content, Wooglie also strives to be the most developer friendly game portal. All Unity game developers are welcome to submit their games and start earning a revenue share. Publishing to Wooglie is easier then any other game portal: Our Unity integrated plugin allows for one click publishing. Our review process is quick and clear.

All games on Wooglie are made using the multiplatform game development tool Unity. This tool allows you to enjoy high quality 3D games via your browser. Viewing Unity content requires installation of a plugin, this installation is quick and easy.

Enjoy our high quality web games!

M2H Unity game studio