What does Wooglie offer developers?

Wooglie provides a Unity-only game portal with high quality games. All Unity developers are welcome to submit their game, Wooglie allows for easy publishing of your game and pays out a revenue share from the websites advertisements. The company behind Wooglie is M2H, being developers ourselves as well we know what matters to you when publishing web games: We have integrated security features, live statistics and a clear review process.

API help

The Wooglie API can be downloaded for free on the Unity asset store.
Since May 2015 we support WebGL games!

- Manage your Wooglie games from inside the Unity editor
- Integrated anti-piracy security: This ensures that your game is only allowed to run via
- One button publishing to Wooglie.

How to use:
  • Download the API from the asset store
  • Open the tool via the menu: "Window -> API"
  • After registering and logging in you will be able to access the main page
  • Add a new game at the main page
  • You will be sent to the game EDIT screen:
    • 1) Enter the "metadata" (game size, title, description etc) and press UPDATE METADATA when you're done
    • 2) Add an 100x100 sized icon for your game. Optionally also add a 600x280 image for featuring. Press UPLOAD to go to step 3.
    • 3) You can now upload the game, this process is fully automated: just click UPLOAD GAME.
    • 4) Your game is now pending review. Wooglie staff usually reviews the game within 3 days, you will receive
    • an email when your game is reviewed.

More questions?
For general questions about revenue sharing etc you can use our FAQ. Feel free to contact us if you cannot find the answer to your questions. We will be expanding the API documentation using your feedback.

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