Crossing Fury

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Crossing Fury

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Crossing Fury

2015-06-29 14:22:36
Android version is available now for free!

There are 3 game modes, Good, Evil and Neutral.
Your objective is to earn 'Savepoint' by letting pedestrians and cars pass safely.

Your objective is to earn 'Killpoint' by killing pedestrians and destroying cars.

In Good and Evil mode you have to qualify SUCCESS criterion in time. However even though the time is remaining, you will fail if you reach to FAILURE criterion.

To save or kill them, it's your choice. There is no time limits and no criteria for level-up.
To quit the game, click 'QUIT' button on the configuration menu. The level applied in this mode is the lower level you have achieved in the both Good and Evil modes.

Cars and pedestrians obey signals meekly except in following conditions:
-Cars and pedestrians forced to wait for a long time
-Pedestrians faced blinking green
-Cars involved with explosion

If you don't get the knack of it, here is the tutorial.
Click and hold the left-bottom of the screen to reverse the indication of the signals for cars. (from green to red, from red to green, from yellow to green)

Click and hold the right-bottom of the screen to reverse the indication of the signals for pedestrians. (from green to red, from red to green, from blinking green to red)

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