Digi Adventure

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Digi Adventure

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Digi Adventure

Insert Coin Studios LLC
2012-03-07 10:49:37
Digi Adventure is great fun and is a worthy distraction from the hectic real world. - IndieGameMag.com

Digi Adventure follows the story of an unemployed college gamer who receives a popup on his computer one day for the best job ever,
reluctant, Digi ignores the popup, but out of spontaneous curiosity decides to give it a click. Digi and his dorm room are then suck into
the digital world where he is welcomed by his own Antivirus Software. Things only get worse from here for digi as he learns the digital
world is under attack by a massive swarm of new viruses set to destroy the digital world. Digi's Antivirus tasks him with cleaning the
various sectors of the digital world while also discovering his lost furniture, if he is able to recover all his lost furniture and save the digital
world, his reality will be restored.

Digi Adventure is coming to a close in additional content, it is receiving an update on 5/6/2013 that includes 19 new levels and significant improvements in performance,
it will receive one more content soon that will close out all content additions and finish the game. It's been a great ride, and the fan support has been amazing, we want to
thank you for all your support.

Insert Coin Studios is a small 3 man team based in the Northern Virginia area, we founded our studio in November of 2010 and have been
charging forward ever since, Digi Adventure represents our second title release. We constantly strive for quality and promise to improve
all aspects of every game we release until they are perfected. We founded our studio on 3 goals to Inspire, Educate, and Open Job
Oppurtunities in the Northern Virginia area, and will be achieving these goals with your support over the coming years, thank you for

11/10/2013 Quick Fix:
- Fixed levels being unplayable.
- All levels are unlocked while we continue improving the game and adding content!

Version 1.4.1 Patch Notes:
- Fixed artwork on Chapter 3 Button.
- Levels in chapter 3 now save properly.
- Golden blocks are now at the end of every level in chapter 3.

Version 1.4 Patch Notes:
- Significant performance improvements.
- Added 19 new levels in "Chapter 3: Digital Space".
- Minor artwork improvements and fixes.
- Bug fixes.
- Controls improvement.

Version 1.3.1 Patch Notes:
- Added Chapter 6 - Bonus Levels, collect all the Silver Data Blocks in each chapter to unlock one of the 5 bonus levels. First bonus level is currently availalble, second coming soon.
- Minor bug and performance fixes.

Version 1.3 Patch Notes:
- Performance enhancements from the ground up, this has taken up the bulk of the time. We've increased frame rates, stability, physics, collision and much more.
- Starting Level 1 will show a quick intro to the Digi Adventure story, as well as an updated start for the first level. This should help clarify what's going on in the first stage and the story in general.
- We've gone through every level and made modifications to obstacles, removing some and adding some where necessary.
- Level flow for every level (that needed it) has been improved.
- Graphical enhancements.
- Improved Audio.
- Bug Fixes (too many to list).

Version 1.2 Quick Fix Notes:
- Fixed death bug on certain levels.
- Fixed first boss fight to properly track scores and time.

Version 1.2 Update Notes:
- Digi Adventure is now fully Unity 3.5 compatible.
- Fixed lots of issues related to the tutorial.
- Control scheme added to in-game pause menu.
- Fixed infinite drop bug on Level 9.
- Fixed some background animations.
- Fixed moving floors and the moving pistons on level 5 to function properly.
- New Chapter! 20 new levels taking place in the Anti-Virus Sector, with new obstacles, challenges, and a new boss encounter.
- New Obstacle! Computer Fan will help you reach new heights in Chapter Two: Anti-virus Sector.
- New Challenge! Portions of the Anti-virus Sector run self-clean virus scans, avoid being destroyed as you race to escape!
- New Collectibles! New Furniture and introducing Silver Data Cubes! Silver Data Cubes can now be found throughout the entire game, collect them for bonus Levels! (bonus levels coming in a later small update).
- New Data Block Tracker! Track how many corrupted data (red) blocks you've removed against how many are in a level to achieve a 200 point bonus!
- You can now adjust the visual quality of the game from the options menu, you may not notice a huge difference but it will help on lower end computers.

Follow us on twitter: @IC_Studios
or @Sayaer
Facebook: Insert Coin Studios
Forums, Updates, Discussion, Support: www.insertcoinstudios.com
A - D (Left and Right)
Left Arrow - Right Arrow (Left and Right)
S or Down Arrow (Shock, Reflects Bullets)
Space Bar (Jump or W)
P (Pause / Unpause)
M (Global Mute)

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