Rogue Sharks Arcade

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Plays: 250,431
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Rogue Sharks Arcade

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Rogue Sharks Arcade

Power Level Studios
2014-08-08 16:32:34
Casual, gravity-based gameplay.
UNITY PLAYER REQUIRED to play this game. If you see a blank page, you need to update the player: Google Chrome and Safari work better for Unity games.
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Play as a dreadful shark gone rogue in this fight for survival against the treacherous seas.
You thought sharks had it easy, being the most notorious predators of the seas and all, right? Think again! The seas are fill with deadly jelly fish, mines and pirates. Only a master swimmer can survive long enough to tell their tale to their grand children.
Show your skills to the world!
Current Version: 1.0.0
New versions coming out frequently **
Main Features:
- Gravity based gameplay.
- 3 types of sharks with different look, resistance, speed and weight.
- 14 different personality traits. Each shark has up to 3 traits.
- 3 types of damage: electrocution, explosion and terrain.
- 9 blessings, helping you survive longer.
- 4 curses, making it harder for you to survive.
- 5 difficulties.
- Quick gameplay sessions.
- Infinite replay value.
- Cute sharks!
“Did you know that sharks sink if they don’t swim?”
- Swim by clicking, or pressing any key. Hold to swim back to the surface.
- Eat fish to heal
- Avoid jelly fish, eels, islands, the sand floor, mines and bombs.
- Beat your high score and compete in the leaderboards!

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