Space Wolf 3000

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Space Wolf 3000

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Space Wolf 3000

ShadeForm Entertainment
2013-12-08 15:37:29
* Game last updated Dec. 11 2013 *
Space Wolf 3000 is a fast-paced action packed space shooter.
You are Space Wolf, a former military Captain on the losing side of a galactic civil war. You've almost reached your home world when you're ambushed by a vengeful General who wants nothing more than to turn you into space rubble. Can you make it through the deadly asteroid field and even deadlier enemy fleet?

* Fast-paced retro style action
* Wide variety of enemys to defeat
* Upgrade your ship to help you along the way
* Soundtrack by DST
* Use the arrow keys or WASD to navigate your ship.
* Pressing Spacebar will fire your weapons, but keep an eye on the Overload meter! If it fills it up you must wait for it to cool down before you can resume firing.
* Destroying asteroids may cause valuable Powerups and health pickups to spawn. Once you have a Powerup, activate it by pressing either shift key at any time.
* You have only five ships for the entirety of the game! If they run out you must start over at the beginning.
* Collect Space Credits so you can upgrade your ship between missions.
* Escape key to pause game

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