20 triangles

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20 triangles

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20 triangles

Nikita Che
2015-06-22 15:25:11
Convert all triangles of the icosahedron to a single color!
The game has three difficulty levels differ in the number of colors (2, 3, or 5). For convenience, the colors are numbered: 0 - green, 1 - red, 2 - Indigo, 3 - blue, 4 - pink. If you click on any triangle of the playing field, then change the color of the triangle to the next (on the above list), and in the neighbouring triangles to the previous color. Color previous to zero green is the color with the maximum number on the selected difficulty level, the color follows the color with maximal number is zero green.

Key features:
- The playing field (icosahedron) has no boundaries, and therefore is periodic in any direction, and has neither beginning nor end.
- The playing field is unusual symmetry: the axis of the third and fifth order, which may confuse.
- The game provides an opportunity to look at the playing field with a fundamentally different position: outside, inside, and even in the unfolding
- You have the opportunity to play with a different number of colors that can make the game easier or harder.

- Simple rules, difficult decision! Try it and see!
Drag-and-drop to rotate the icosahedron, and simply click on the triangle to change them

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