Cube Conquest 3D

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Cube Conquest 3D

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Cube Conquest 3D

ShadeForm Entertainment
2014-07-08 20:03:34
*** Love playing the game here on Wooglie? Also take it mobile with the Android version of Cube Conquest 3D that features Leaderboards and Achievements! Get it for free today on the Play Store : ***

The first fully 3D version of the popular 2048 style puzzle! Cube Conquest 3D is a fresh take on the game that everybody's been talking about. Challenge yourself with a fun and addictive numbers puzzle game that increases in difficulty as you attempt to combine cubes towards the final goal and win the game.

*Three exciting game modes keep you coming back for more!

*Featuring gorgeous 3D graphics and effects with a sleek user interface.

*Comprehensive (and skip-able) tutorial teaches you each of the game modes the first time you play them.

*Rewind function allows you to undo mistakes several times per game.

*Quit a game in progress at any time. Cube Conquest 3D will automatically save your progress to be resumed later.

Contact me with any new features or changes you'd like to see added. Your suggestions/comments are welcomed.

Inspired by:

Threes by Asher Vollmer

1024 by Veewo Studios

and 2048 by Gabriele Cirulli
'Arrow Keys' -or- 'WASD': Move all the number cubes up, down, left, or right.
'R' : Rewind to undo previous moves.
'Escape' : Pauses the game or moves back through menus.
*In casual mode* 'E' : Allows you to spawn a new cube after each move.

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