King of Cash! Business Sim 3D

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King of Cash! Business Sim 3D

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King of Cash! Business Sim 3D

Coded Velocity, Inc.
2015-05-08 15:58:20
How much money can you make in business? Can you fight off the competition? Try your hand at King Of Cash, the ultimate business simulator. Grow out your main street businesses to become a mega-CEO!

Download King of Cash today!

Game Features

+ MAKE CRAZY MONEY - Super fun business game in a vibrant growing 3D village with absurd amounts of money to make!

+ FIGHT THE COMPETITION - Click and strategically compete with other businesses! Buy them out in a hostile takeover

+ TONS OF UPGRADES - Huge amounts of upgrades for all of your businesses! How many can you get?

+ MANAGERS WORK FOR YOU - Make money while you are away! Hire managers to run your businesses, even while you are away at your real job or school!

+ FUN FOR ALL AGES - Easy, clear button controls with helpful hints and guidance!

+ CODED VELOCITY PROMISE - Our paid games always give the full game with NO ads and NO additional purchases!

Download King of Cash to experience the exciting life of a mega-CEO corporate tycoon!

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GET STARTED! Click the hot dog icon to get started. Fill the bar to make money. Hold to fill faster! Buy workers with the HIRE button to make even MORE money per fill! Get managers to fill the bar for you - even offline!

COMPETE & WIN! Use the COMPETE button to go after a competitor. When the competitor's fill bar reaches the bottom, the competitor loses one unit and your business gains one! PLUS it makes a BUY OUT of the competitor cheaper!

STOCK MARKET: Make it to the Stock Market with your bank – watch prices and compete for cheaper bank employees but don't get burned!

EXPORT: Export your game to save in case your browser clears caches! We recommend doing this every few hours. Click SETTINGS -> EXPORT to copy to your clipboard. Paste the clipboard text into a document and save. If you need to, you can copy the string, then IMPORT the string back again!

Some applications "intelligently" scan the string and convert to Asian languages (Windows Notepad! Annoying!) If this happens, right click and open in a different app like Wordpad or Windows Explorer.

IPO & SHARES: Eliminate all competitors to make bunches of money! Choose "Go Public!" and IPO your business. This will restart all businesses, but give you valuable shareholders. With more shares, you get more money per fill! Plus super cool upgrades and managers can ONLY be acquired with shares! Shares come from career earnings, so grow bigger each reset to get more shares!

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