Letter Slide

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Letter Slide

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Letter Slide

2010-04-22 10:23:14
"Letter Slide" is a pinch of the Classic Slide Puzzle with a dash of Crossword, which makes this uniquely fun and ridiculously addicting word puzzle game a must-have for word gamers everywhere.

Don't forget to try out the iPhone Version of "Letter Slide" on the app store.

The goal is simple. Rearrange the tiles to form words. Prove your intellectual worth with Open Feint global leaderboards. Creating words with bonus tiles results in even higher scores!

Game Modes -

* "Scholar" - two minute game session
* "Savant" - five minute game session

Features -

* Easy to use and intuitive controls
* Smart selection for spelling words.
* Beautiful user interface and sound effects
* Ability to play your own iTunes music in the background.
* Leaderboards for scholar and savant modes. Can you top the charts?
* Addicting fun!
* Completely randomized boards for infinite replayability!

Vist us: http://www.mehware.com for a gameplay video.
Follow us: twitter.com/mehware
How to Play -

* Words must be spelled left to right, or top to bottom. Tiles must be adjacent to each other.
* Simply Click/Drag the letters into the empty positions on the board to create a word.
* Hit the "Enter Word" button to go into"Spell Mode"
* Click the first and last letter of the word to spell the word.
* When releasing on the last letter of the word it will spell the word and check it against the dictionary.
* You will then collect your points and automatically go back into "Slide Mode".

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