Flip Racer

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Flip Racer

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Flip Racer

Kay Schimank & Frank Stutzkowski
2012-02-27 14:21:51
Flip Racer - Version 1.0 - developed by Kay Schimank and Frank Stutzkowski

Flip Racer is a racing game where you can change the car behaviour immediately by pressing one key.
One side of the car is slower but easier to handle, the other side is much faster but bad for tight curves.
Choose the right side at the right moment and remember:
It take time to change the sides and the car is hard to handle while it´s changing sides, so don´t change to much, change strategically!
You can improve your skills in singleplayer mode and compete with up to 8 other players all over the world in multiplayer mode.

If you register an account you receive points for every good result in a multiplayer game, but be careful, if you are on a rear place you will lose points.
The points are calculated depending on the number of paticipating players. If you win a 8-player-race, you will receive more points than wining a 2-player-race.

At the end we will say "thank you" to the developers of unity3d, blender and gimp.
Use your mouse to click through the menu.

W or arrow up accelerate forward
S or arrow down brake/accelerate backward
A or arrow left steer left
D or arrow right steer right
space handbrake
F switch to fast or slow side
R reset car to last checkpoint

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