Digital Paintball 3

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Plays: 16,209
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Digital Paintball 3

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Digital Paintball 3

PaintBall Gamer
2014-07-10 10:02:25
An exemplary balance between realism and fun, Digital Paintball 3.0 is meant for people who have ever tried their hand at simulated paint-ball games, loved them, and would like to play like a pro. The game has team objectives of high-value, short range bullets, and power-packed tactics.

The experience of this revitalizing, all-new game is likely to appeal to novice players and hard-core professionals. All that it takes for a person�s elimination is a single shot. The fast pacing calls for laying of strategies for quick defense, dodging, running at break-neck speed, and making unbelievably dangerous jumps. The simulations adhere so closely to realism that it becomes difficult not to duck each time an opponent comes towards you.

You can create your custom maps and invite friends to play against each other with real time multiplayer experience.
Fire Mouse Left Click or Left Ctrl Button
Zoom Mouse Right Click or Right Ctrl Button
Change Weapon Keyboard (1,2,3,4) OR Mouse Scroll
Forward W / Up Arrow Key
Backward S / Down Arrow Key
Left A / Left Arrow Key
Right D / Left Arrow Key
Sprint Left or Right Shift Key
Reload R Key
Jump Space Key
Crouch C Key
Scorecard Tab Key
Chat Enter Key

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