The Pirate Game

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The Pirate Game

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The Pirate Game

Atomic Gear
2012-01-23 12:51:13
The soldiers have retrieved the stolen treasures from the pirates. The pirates, being very angry about the loss of their treasures, decided to leave the pirate bay and raid the mainland, claiming back what they think belongs rightfully to them.
You're in the role of a young pirate cannoneer, who leads one of the raids. You must use the cannon and different kind of projectiles to defeat the soldiers, burn their city and help the pirates to become the curse of the Caribbean once again.

The Pirate game is an exciting physics shooting game. You have to solve levels using physics and well-aimed shots. In order to win, you have to defeat all soldiers and destroy as much as possible! The more you destroy and fewer shots you use, the higher your score will be . While the first few levels can be solved with brute force, later levels become more challenging and can only be done by solving small puzzles or aiming pretty well.

The OpenFeint Framework allows you to post your highscores and achievements on the OpenFeint network and compare your score with others.

This game was made with the Unity3D engine, which aims for the higher end of smartphone devices, especially devices aimed for gamers with decent CPU and GPU capabilities.
We've implemented a few options to improve the performance (check Options menu). So if the game runs slow, please try lowering the options or disabling the backgrounds.
Setting Quality to "Medium" will disable ragdoll physic effects, reducing the amount of physic calculations, thus improving the frame rate.

If you run into crashes, bugs or have want to give a feedback, send a mail to the support mail (shown below in the Android Market) and send crash reports, instead of using comments.
We can't reply to comments and without directly contacting us, it's much harder to fix bugs or crashes.

★ Pirates! Aarrghh!
★ Soldier ragdolls effects
★ Physics puzzle action based gameplay
★ Cannons & explosive cannon balls. Crush the castle!
★ Kill enemy soldiers and burn the city they are in
★ Powered by Unity3D
★ OpenFeint Achievements & Leaderboards

Upcomming features:
★ More levels
★ More achievements
★ Optimized versions for Tegra2, PowerVR and Adreno (Snapdragon) devices

★ Use the cross-hair to aim
★ Release to fire
★ The further away the crosshair, the more powerfull the shot will be
★ Zoom with two fingers

Recommended Devices:
★ Samsung Galaxy S 2
★ Motorola Xoom
★ Any dual-core Android Smartphone with SGX540 graphic chip

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No real soldiers, pirates, ninjas or animals (not even angry birds or pigs) were hurt during the development of this game.
★ Move cross-hair by dragging it with your mouse
★ Release the cross-hair to fire
★ Shots are more powerful if the cross-hair is released further away from the cannon
★ Kill all soldiers to win a level
★ Destroy as much possible for higher score

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