Zombies:Run or Kill

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Plays: 76,377
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Zombies:Run or Kill

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Zombies:Run or Kill

Good Sounds Apps
2013-01-28 14:44:46
Zombies: Run or Kill, a new zombie shooter game is here! Zombies attack you! Undead has occupied our village. Get your weapons, go into actions, cause zombies must die!

Our village was full of peace and tranquility until a zombie invasion happened. The living dead can nowadays be seen all over the place. There is only one zombie survivor left, and that is you. You as a special agent have a very responsible task � to try to find other survivors and to kill the zombies. Kill�em all! DO NOT tell yourself something like �Zombies, RUN�, but instead encourage yourself to become THE zombie killer.

This is one zombie free game which will make your life more interesting. Once you start playing this cool game, you won�t be able to stop. And it ain�t easy game at all! You�ll have to be smart in order to kill enemies who are completely brainwashed. There are different types of zombies in this game, some of which are easier to kill while others need multi-kills or direct headshots.
arrows left and right to move
arrow down to pick up weapon
Space to shoot

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