Soccer King! World Cup Brazil 2014

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Soccer King! World Cup Brazil 2014

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Soccer King! World Cup Brazil 2014

2014-07-18 17:00:32
Do you want to take your football experience to the next level using impressive graphics accompanied by state of the art gameplay? Then you have come to the right place, as this game can deliver to you all of that and more!
You will be able to play friendly matches, in which you take control of a character that looks like Captain Tsubasa, and your main quest is to aid your team in winning the event. You can choose to play in a team from USA, Europe or any other continent. Each match is very exciting and fun to play, as you battle with different opponents, trying to defeat them in order to move up the ranks.
Select a player name and nickname, then try to dribble the rival players to get to the goal, in a valiant effort to win the match. The game offers clear instructions before the first match. No sports is as popular as soccer, and this game allows you to bring the excitement and appeal of the best football competition on your PC.
While getting past the opposing team might be hard, the crucial moment is when you are face to face with the goalkeeper, as that is when you need to be fast and press the keys that appear.
Just take the ball with you and try to dribble the competition away in a very exciting and appealing experience. Face more and more powerful teams and lead your generation to victory in one of the best football games you can find on the web.
Do you have the strength to take your team to new heights? Only you can answer the question so play the game now and lead your country to victory!
Choose your team from over 80 different countries.
Control your player by jumping up to dribble past opponents using the Space key.
Use your full shot to defeat the goal keeper and score goals, pressing the keys that appears in the screen
Hint: Jump while you're in the air to activate the Fire Wing

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