Billionaire Blitz

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Billionaire Blitz

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Billionaire Blitz

CKS Studio
2015-02-01 18:31:12
Billionaire Blitz is the most addictive fusion of puzzle and strategy games. Link gemstones of the same color to mine them and make money. Upgrade the mining tools to make more money per gemstone. Invest the money into business and watch your money grow continuously as you mine. Reach the earning target as fast as possible to conquer the leaderboards!

Discover the strategy to millions, billions or trillions as fast as possible. The many strategic options beg the question: where should I invest my money first? upgrade the mining tools first, or buy a business first? When should you stop investing and let the continuous investment return catapult to your target? Will you be the first to find the fastest route to financial success?

As you make a made rush toward becoming a tycoon, beware of special events. Economic downturn, disaster and taxation can drain your hard earned money, but economic upturn, lottery win and tax return will bolster your coffer. Watch out for them!

Other features:
- Casual, familiar gameplay mechanic;
- Gorgeous Unity engine graphics and effects;
- 24 levels of mining tool upgrades;
- 12 business to inves in, each with 3 levels of upgrade;
- 4 targets and 4 leaderboards: million, billion, trillion and quadrillion;
- Save anytime and resume later.
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