Clash of Mages

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Plays: 28,724
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Clash of Mages

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Clash of Mages

Starwind Games
2012-06-17 14:09:33
Clash of Mages is a tactical game built around magical duels. Game rules are easy to understand and master, you don't have to read long manuals before playing. You can test your skills against AI opponents, participate in Online Tournament, play with your friends and family in Hot seat mode or even get mobile version of Clash of Mages to play on the way!

There are two game servers available to choose:

1. Clash of Mages, is an old server which is available in all versions of game. You can play there from both browser version and your mobile device.

2. New Realm, is an exclusive server for browser version. All new features will be implemented for the New Realm only.

Check out Clash of Mages official website for details.
Clash of Mages is turn-based tactical game.

*How to start*

Game starts from Login screen. If you are playing the first time you need to choose your unique name and password.

After that select one of two available servers (we recommend New Realm) and press Login button.

Choose your character and you will find yourself in main menu.

*What to can do next?*

Game has different modes. You can play:
1. Tutorial. Good place to start.
2. Quick Battle. Duel against AI opponent with 3 difficulty levels available.
3. Online Tournament. Here you can test your skills against other players.
4. Hot-seat Duel. Battle against your friend on a single PC.

*How to play in battle?*

In battle your target is to destroy opponent's tower. Your tower is on the left side. Each turn players have to choose one of six spell cards.

We strongly recommend you to start from Tutorial campaign to master magical system.

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