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The Short Arse Of The Law

To play this game you need to install the Unity plugin, please press the button below to do so.
This installation is 100% safe and takes only a few clicks to install.
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You are a thief. A rogue. An outcast.

And you need some cash, so go steal some! But watch out for the cops and their dogs. You have a clean record now, but after 3 strikes you're locked up for good!

Made to look like a spectrum game! Without the colour clash! Let's pretend we know of a secret screen mode nobody else knows about!

There are no cops at the beginning of the game. Use that time to get familiar with the map, and where your secret hideout is. Once you got some cash you have to make a run for it before the cops catches you!

This game was done for a competition, and was developed in under a week using the Unity game engine.