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Smile Tiles

To play this game you need to install the Unity plugin, please press the button below to do so.
This installation is 100% safe and takes only a few clicks to install.
Does not work in the Chrome browser, please install Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser. contains more free games like Smile Tiles.

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Ready for a monster of a good time? Play Smile Tiles, a unique take on puzzle matching games!

Smile Tiles features 10 different monsters, each with a unique personality! Boomy was never built quite right, Dizzy is totally out of control, and Wheezy has never been able to get over his cough. We know you will learn to love them all!

The game is not about matching colours like other matching puzzle games. You make smiles by moving and rotating monsters to match up eyes with mouths in a variety of different patterns!

Test your monster mojo! With challenging levels, thought-provoking puzzles, and hundreds of secondary goals to earn more stars, this game is guaranteed to be fun and addictive for hours. Every level has a different look from a heart to a bee, or even a moose! Do you have what it takes to race the clock and earn every star?