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Plush now on Steam:

Steam version includes:

Improved Visual Effects

No limit on how many animals you can spawn in playroom (though hardware will determine frame rate)

Steam Achievements and Leaderboards

Plush combines stuffed animal simulation with the imagination of a little girl to provide a unique puzzle experience. To successfully complete each level, the player must arrange the stuffed animals in such a way as to make them all "happy" before bedtime. Each stuffed animal has it's own preferences (and physics), so this is easier said than done.

Plush provides a cozy atmosphere and a soothing soundtrack while still providing interesting (and often quite challenging) puzzles to solve. Rather than assault the senses in a desperate attempt to keep the player's interest, Plush provides the player (whether an adult or child) with a great way to relax before their own bed time. Even the level timer is hidden by default, though quickly available for those who take their puzzle games seriously.

Plush has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom's Choice Awards® ( )

40 puzzle levels and 3 difficulty options
Free play mode (Play Room)
Unlockable Sound Board
Colorblind Mode
*This version of Plush is free but does not save progress. Go to for links to the complete game on other platforms.