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The player controls an adaptable battle tank in an island environment against an army of enemy vehicles. Each destroyed enemy have a chance to drop a device that can be installed at player's tank single hard point. Each device extends the tank capabilities in a certain way. Only one device can be installed at a time and the player must choose wisely in order to complete the mission: destroy 3 super-boss-machines (the Raven helicopter, the Fortress tank and the Kraken battleship).

This game is inspired from great mid 90s/2000s simulation games where player have the control over a vehicle in a hostile scenario with some freedom to choose mission path/weapons, switching from moments of intense combat with moments of long runs to reach targets.

From the same inspiration source comes the intentional difficult imposed to player.
In order to succeed, some skill must be trained on how to hit long distance targets with cannon's ballistics, how to battle each of the 6 types of vehicles, how to use each device and what devices works better in each situation.
Also, death is permanent. There's no return point which increases the overall challenge.