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If you are a fan of stackers, you are bound to love our latest creation: BEHEADED. This is a game where, as you would expect, you stack heads one on another. Be careful and grow your dexterity as you will have to stack them higher and higher. You can rotate them and make them drop faster, so think your strategy well!Donít lose your patience! Complete all the levels and show us youíre skilled.
Easy to learn, hard to master! Over 15 exciting levels.

Give us your feedback and help us improve the game at [email protected] We will work on new levels, new puzzles and new games for you!

This game was made with font:Black Chancery by Doug Miles

Sounds sonsdebarcelona__celebration.wav, stephsinger22__cheering.wav, jorickhoofd__scream-noooh.wav, f4ngy__cheering.wav, thecheeseman__hurt3.wav, breizhizou29__youpi.wav,
Music by audionautix.