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64 GB - It's not 2048

To play this game you need to install the Unity plugin, please press the button below to do so.
This installation is 100% safe and takes only a few clicks to install.
Does not work in the Chrome browser, please install Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser. contains more free games like 64 GB - It's not 2048.

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Pair the memory chips and keep multiplying the memory until you reach 64 GB and beyond. Can you really try upto 64 GB? We will be surprised to see a champion here.

Rattle your brain in this mind blowing memory chip puzzle. Its not like the popular game you think it looks like, we have added additional features to boost your success.

Game Features:
1. Smooth and crisp swipe controls
2. Awesome gameplay
3. Perfect for timepass
4. Designed for all ages
5. 64 GB is tough to achieve, but we will not stop you there

Enjoy and relax..! Thanks for passing by this game, we are sure you will like it.

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