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Quantum Dreams

To play this game you need to install the Unity plugin, please press the button below to do so.
This installation is 100% safe and takes only a few clicks to install.
Does not work in the Chrome browser, please install Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser. contains more free games like Quantum Dreams.

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We are building a quantum computer. Seriously.

The University of Aarhus in Denmark is using the game Quantum Dream to generate data for our researchers, to build a 300 qubit quantum computer.
By spending a few minutes mastering the fluctuations of a wavefunction representing an atom in a quantum state, YOU can help us take the first steps towards the world of quantum computing!

Quantum Dream is currently developed as part of the Science At Home project (, which aims to explore the riches of player generated data, citizen science and quantum computing.

Music credits:
"Electro Cabello" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0