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Ahoy Admiral, are you ready? setup your own fleet. fight in sea battles with your battleship and other warships against other navy fleets. sink pirates and captain's ships and write history in the golden age!

Naval Battle: 17th century is a turn-based strategy game with ancient warships from the 17th century! Setup your own fleet as Admiral, and defeat your opponent. Fight with glory in battles up to 8 vs 8 warships!

Each ship can move and attack once per round. After you moved, you can attack, if the opponent is in reach!

Game features!
* 4 ship classes - with each class different strengths and weaknesses!
* Abilities - bonuses that makes you stronger for one turn or hole battle per ship!
* Multiple waves - game mode with more than one wave of enemy ships!
* Whirls and Waves - environment defense bonuses!
* Towers - static gameobject that can be on your side or at the enemy's!